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Printing OLED broad prospects VR and the Internet of things is a new opportunity

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2017 Japan touch panel Exhibition (FINETECHJAPAN2017) held in Tokyo. The exhibition, regardless of the upstream materials and equipment manufacturers
  2017 Japan touch panel Exhibition (FINETECHJAPAN2017) held in Tokyo. The exhibition, regardless of the upstream materials and equipment manufacturers, or downstream panel manufacturers, are showing OLED, 8K and Internet related exhibits. In particular, OLED, although LCD is still the mainstream, but more manufacturers will turn their eyes to the OLED, OLED has become particularly dazzling.
Of course, 8K is the two or three years has been unable to avoid the topic, not only the Japanese panel makers, but also the Chinese panel manufacturers, are very active layout 8K display. Japanese television NHK had said to be achieved before 2020 8K resolution TV signal coverage, which means that by 2020 8K market demand will grow rapidly.
For the display industry, more market sources in the networking market, the interaction between people, objects and things and things all cannot do without interface, and the display panel is an integral part of the man-machine interface, even the future VR, AR era, the display panel also has its indispensable.
Printing OLED broad prospects
Although the two high-profile Japanese companies JOLED and SHARP did not build booth to showcase their products, but the display industry chain enterprises, including enterprises in the upstream industry chain liquid crystal, target, equipment etc., brought a lot of new products and new technology, also give the industry a lot of surprises.
And OLED is one of the most noteworthy highlights. Has participated in many years of OLED manufacturers wisdom crystal Optoelectronics (Wisechip) this year, the new development of transparent and soft PMOLED. Ling Ling (Raystar) is the first time in Japan, but also exhibited a variety of PMOLED products.
One of the most missed than the Japanese semiconductor Energy Research Institute (SemiconductorEnergyLaboratory) booth, the institute not only shows the 8KOLED panel, car OLED display, a new generation of surface oxide semiconductor (OSFETIGZO), combined with the composite also exhibited OLED and ECB liquid crystal display (according to the surface of the display panel in self illumination OLED, light emitting compound display and reflective liquid crystal 3 mode switch). These products fully demonstrate the strength of the Japanese OLED technology.
Japan JOLED company CTO Tianwa rule said at the meeting, JOLED company was founded in 2015, mainly comes from Matsushita and SONY, while the two companies in the research and development of OLED printing as early as 2006 began, there have been 12 inches, 19 inches, 21.6 inches of products available. Samsung is currently focused on small size OLED, LGDisplay focus on large size OLED, and the advantage of JOLED is the size of OLED. At present, JOLED has successfully developed 21 inches of printed OLED products, and has achieved mass production.
At the same time, JOLED company has accumulated a large number of technical patents in the size of OLED, but also in many aspects of the results achieved. JOLED has developed the world's first use of "printing" (liquid light-emitting materials, such as printers, such as precision coated on the substrate) technology OLED panel products, its manufacturing costs dropped significantly. Takubo Meji hope that the future of JOLED and materials manufacturers, manufacturers work together in the printing of OLED panel technology has a greater breakthrough.
Although Japan has a rich accumulation of technology in OLED, but at the forefront of the OLED market is the Korean panel manufacturers. LGDisplay, senior vice president of Korea InByeongKang in the forum related to the exhibition on the future of the OLED in the display and the application of OLED TV market trends. He believes that although the current number of OLED TV products may account for only a small share of global demand, but after 2023 the market share will reach more than 50%.
At the same time, he also believes that the printing OLED technology continues to make new breakthroughs will bring great help for the application of large-size OLED.
Since the printing OLED is the future direction, many domestic manufacturers are also actively looking forward to the layout of the technology, which is a very positive Huaxing Power manufacturers. Huaxing Electric COO Zhao Yong said, for LCD and OLED process, materials were analyzed and compared, pointed out that the future of TV display printing OLED is the key technology. At the same time, Zhao Yong also believes that the intelligent mobile phone from 2018 to 2023 will be substantially by OLED, will be accounted for 50% of market share, while Pad and NB market will be eroded, even disappeared, and was replaced by a collapsible OLED. Of course, these trends and the future also depends on the material and equipment manufacturers more effort and investment.
8K will usher in rapid development
In addition to OLED, 8K is still the exhibition can not avoid the topic. In recent years, 8K is mainly driven by Japan, because the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in the early morning to determine the use of 8K broadcast standards. Prior to the NHK has also said to be achieved before 2020 8K resolution TV signal coverage, which is conducive to quickly open the 8K market.
It is understood that, as early as November 2013, BOE launched the 8K ultra high definition display technology, and has been in the leading ranks of the world. Recently, the BOE in the FINETECHJAPAN once again demonstrated the 8KLCD display, expect to enter the Japanese market, in order to meet the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and other business opportunities. The Japanese semiconductor energy research institute is to bring more surprises to the industry - 8KOLED.
Ouyang Zhongcan Chinese academician pointed out that through the 8K relay is feasible, we have used the local or the spread of cable services, broadband services and 5G mobile technology, satellite technology and broadcast signal, the application in the field of television, 8K technology will have a very wide range of applications, including digital signature, education, cinema, digital museum, medicine, broadcasting and so on, and the application of room, safety and locomotive field can have 8K. 8K technology can also be used in the healthcare industry, Japan.