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I ntel Jinshan cloud together, the achievement of new insights into the cloud data

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The era of intelligent Internet created data torrent, is the impact of the traditional business management and operation mode, as well as human daily life and work. The data, in this wave of change is

The era of intelligent Internet created data torrent, is the impact of the traditional business management and operation mode, as well as human daily life and work. The data, in this wave of change is becoming an insight into the future development trend, accelerate business process change, in order to gain competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition environment of new resources.
However, the traditional data analysis platform for business users in the selection, construction, operation and maintenance as well as the late development and other aspects of face expensive computing, storage and network equipment, severe challenges caused by technical barriers complex software stack etc.. The effective utilization of data resources, not only need IT infrastructure to ensure efficient and flexible, but also the need for innovative service delivery model, while Intel and Kingsoft cloud on KMR in-depth cooperation, make analysis of cloud computing and data fusion to create new change depth data processing mode, and a new solution for both performance and the cost advantage provided in the user services.
"Elephant" cloud on a few steps?
Since its inception in 2012, with the leading VPC and virtualization technology, Jinshan cloud became the first to provide hybrid cloud deployment solutions cloud service providers. Thanks to the development of the game, video, medical and other vertical industry customers, which has developed into one of the largest cloud storage vendors, the daily accumulation of about 500TB data, while the total amount of data has been as high as 400PB. A large amount of data accumulation of business operations, enterprises are required to have the use of data driven enterprise analysis, decision-making and management capacity, in the course of development over the past four years, Jinshan cloud based on the Intel architecture, is the data analysis technology and artificial intelligence with cloud computing new potential of different scenarios, different stages of development. In order to effectively respond to the new demands of enterprise users.
In January 2016, Jinshan Jinshan launched a cloud cloud hosting Hadoop services (Kingsoft MapReduce, KMR, KMR) is a general calculation and analysis platform for data scalable, it uses Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark two data computing framework, through the automatic scheduling of resilient computing services (KEC), distributed data analysis system for rapid construction help. As a result, the user can stand by cloud computing, in the KMR framework to facilitate the calculation and analysis.
Compared with the traditional Hadoop platform, KMR provides a rich management function and convenient programming interface, so that enterprises can be efficient, automated data processing and analysis work, reduce the management cost and use cost. In addition, flexible scalability, flexible billing, rapid deployment, fully managed; comprehensive service availability and cloud services to ensure the depth of integration of the advantages of this data analysis platform is the technical advantage.
As a leading provider of electronic business platform, with dozens of major categories, Dangdang Dangdang products, becoming one of the beneficiaries of Kingsoft KMR services. The calculated data analysis of insight into the needs of flexible cloud based on local data and cloud data line will be opened by Kimama Oonwa, and through Storm and Kafka to build KMR cluster on the cloud cluster real-time data analysis, can dynamically adjust the computing resources in the business needs change, effectively control the cost of IT. In addition, through the database services and the underlying Intel based powerful chip acceleration technology and storage capabilities, to protect the business access dangdang. Cloud computing with powerful data analysis services, not only for the effective realization of through data and local data on the cloud data acquisition, accelerate insight; to better resolve the double eleven promotion node leads to computing resources on demand pressures, technical challenges and should let Dangdang bring growth to the business.
Jinshan cloud technology products division, Senior Product Manager Yang Liang said: "through this project, can help users in promotion under enormous pressure, to ensure the stable operation of the IT system, and can greatly reduce the cost of resources operation and maintenance application. In addition, through the Jinshan cloud service, can help users to optimize business flexibility, adjust the allocation of resources."
Intel gives KMR core power to help release cloud data value
Strong data analysis ability is rooted in high performance, flexible and agile IT infrastructure, open the Intel architecture development ability with efficient distributed computing, as Jin Shanyun in the era of cloud computing hardware architecture is preferred. Big data from the traditional IT architecture to the cloud, with computing, storage and network performance, computing clusters and storage cluster can be independently constructed and connected by high-speed Internet, by combining multi tenant object storage, virtualization technology, container security and flexibility. As a result, the hardware revolution makes Big Data plus Cloud possible to become Big Data As a Service.
The development, operation and service of KMR in the actual delivery process, Intel Xeon E5 V4 processor, as well as fast, stable and efficient SSD hard disk, provides a solid foundation for the construction of products and customer service; at the same time, Intel in the open source project and software optimization, similar to the BigDL framework, there are of great help to the performance optimization of Spark machine learning. Intel not only provides a strong performance of the hardware platform for Jin Shanyun, but also actively together with the Jinshan cloud data collection, storage, processing, presentation of each module optimization, seeking further cooperation.
At the same time, with the outbreak of artificial intelligence needs and applications, in order to help industry users to respond to the changing needs of the business innovation in the data era, Jinshan cloud and Intel depth cooperation in the field of learning,