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What are the investment opportunities in the era of Internet of things?

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With the rapid development of communication technology, many people can not help but think of the future, the future of the world's communications in the end what is it?
With the rapid development of communication technology, many people can not help but think of the future, the future of the world's communications in the end what is it? In fact, with the development of technology, the future of communication has begun to take shape. the future will be the world of all things interconnected! Such a future is closely related to a technology that is the Internet of things! Shortly after the birth of the Internet of things, the existence of investment opportunities?
First, the Internet of things industry
1 what is the difference between fantasy and reality
Conjecture among them, the Internet of things as its name implies is connected to the Internet of things, but not so simple, networking technology to solve the goods and goods, people and goods, the interconnection between people, a wider range.
While things are defined in the International Telecommunication Union is through a two-dimensional code reading device, radio frequency identification (device, infrared sensors, GPS and laser scanners and other information sensing device, in accordance with the contract agreement, to anything connected to the Internet, information exchange and communication, to achieve a network intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.
Is there some associations, sharing a bicycle is not the meaning of things? Sharing bicycles and networking requirements vary widely, did not substantially comply with the architecture of the Internet of things. What is the reality of the Internet of things architecture look like?
2 networking industry chain
The Internet of things architecture can be divided into three levels, namely, the perception layer, network layer and application layer.
The sensing layer is composed of a variety of sensors and sensor gateway, corresponding to the upstream industry chain component manufacturers, including communication module, sensor; network layer is composed of a variety of networks, including equipment manufacturers in the middle reaches of the corresponding operation and management platform; application layer is a variety of intelligent terminals, as networking and user interface, including system integration, application service, the networking industry chain downstream.
Things from the whole industry chain, the networking industry belongs to the high-tech industry, and the stock market in our country, there is the phenomenon of high valuation of high-tech enterprises as a whole, and the high-tech enterprises gathered in the gem, nearly a year the trend is not optimistic, especially in the market gradually tend to value investment, the enterprises involved in the networking the existence of investment value?
Two things a lot of things
In fact, the value of investment exists or not, not eager to make judgments. Need to understand the three dimensions of the Internet of things, do not judge later.
1 the Internet of things and the future of things
The development of the Internet of things, the world has reached a consensus, countries competing to develop networking technology. In 2015, the scale of China's Internet of things industry has reached 750 billion yuan. But the development of the Internet of things with the scale, 10 million years China Telecom needs a user growth, and increased from 10 million to 20 million just four months, the attendant is, the rapid growth of the industry is expected, China Internet industry in 2018 is expected to reach 1 trillion and 500 billion of the size of the market